Waiting for Godot

Why does play oy appeal to you?

A question from the playboy of the west,written by J M Synge

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Well to be honest the play didn't appeal to me. I remember reading it in university and my brain hurt. I can, however, take a shot at explaining why it is so famous. Godot is stripped down existentialist philosophy. Are Vladimir and Estragon really waiting for Godot? Is Godot a human, animal, demi-god? Should these men be waiting for anybody? Having no real plot or character development drove me crazy. Perhaps that is the point of the play. Beckett was considered quite the rebel for this play. It let people, if they had way too much time on their hands, explore a number of ideas without conventional constraints. Why do we seek religion? What is the meaning of world conflicts? Why are American soldiers fighting in wars while most people are at the mall buying PlayStations? It is this open ended brain crunch that seems to attract some people into Beckett's world.