Waiting for Godot

What is the sketch character of the Godot in the "Waiting for Godot" play?


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Godot really isn't a character but he's in the title so he must be somebody. Godot contains the word GOD in it so did Beckett go for the obvious? I'm inclined to think so because everyone in the play attaches such importance to Godot though he or He is never fully elaborated on. Vladimir and Estragon hope that Godot will "save" them from their life of misdirection. They talk of being "punished" by him in the past and even go as far as to admit they have "prayed" to him. There are all kinds of speculation about exactly who this Godot is but I'm going to go with the obvious. 


Godot is basically the one who will bring the solution to Gogo and Didi's problems and end their suffering. Yes, the most obvious theory is that Godot represents God - Just the way human beings expect God to solve their problems and alleviate their suffering. But the fact that Godot is tyrannical and we obviously get a glimpse of Godot in the form of Pozzo (For e.g. Godot beats the brother of the Boy messenger) falsifies the theory of Godot being God. Therefore, who is Godot?
Im assuming Godot is simply a concept, an escape basically that our days will get better - we are not to lose hope; we will survive. Just like Vladimir and Estragon, we are only hoping - if not today, tomorrow but surely life will get better. In Waiting for Godot, Didi and Gogo are not exactly waiting for Godot but for their good days, if not then there is always an alternative - to hang themselves and die but will it even work for them? What will be the consequence? Their uncertainty won't let them take any action. As Estragon says in Act 1 "Don't let's do anything. It's safer." And therefore, both characters keep waiting for Godot.