Waiting for Godot

What does 'godot' stand for?

In our real life, there is a gap between our desires and their fulfillment. With the fulfillment of one dream, another dream arises and the act of waiting continues. We don’t know what we actually want, and how much we want , and where our wanting will end. To everyone, how much he has or achieves, always seems to be less. We always feel that there is something absent in our life,but don't know what is that absence. Godot is that umnown absence. Godot will never come, and therefore our wating will never end. And life goes on in this way. Every moment of every day, mankind waits for some sign from God that his suffering will end. And every day, God does not arrive. Interestingly, If Godot ever comes, our waitng will end , and with that our life will end too.

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Your explanation of godot is practical. Sometimes I too feel that there is something missing in my life . But I didn't think that this absence is godot.