Waiting for Godot

Please explain the absurdity in the drama waiting for Godot?

This is the drama written by John M Synge

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Both the plot and the characters in Godot are pretty absurd. The drama behind it represents our own questions about some major themes of human existence. These are questions that never really get answered rather they demand constant meditation. We really never do find out who Godot is. Perhaps Godot is God or a prophet or a cat with sunglasses. I suppose, like the two protagonists, we are all waiting for something but seldom really know what that something is. Will we even know it when this something even happens? Yes I know, it’s all very absurd. Religion is a good example of subtext in this play. The men expect an outcome or at least some sort of sign for Godot. This never happens. Similarly the faithful in say Christianity wait for a sign or the second coming if or when it happens. So is religion absurd? Is the drama of our very lives absurd? I think Beckett is onto something here but it makes my brain hurt too much to think about it!