Waiting for Godot

does godot stand for god?

does godot symbolize god?

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I'd say that's debatable, but the author, Samuel Beckett, said very emphatically that Godot

Beckett is believed to have said that the name Godot comes from the French "godillot" meaning a military boot. Beckett fought in the war and so spending long periods of time waiting for messages to arrive would have been commonplace for him. The more common interpretation that it might mean "God" is almost certainly wrong. Beckett apparently stated that if he had meant "God," he would have written "God".

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The short answer is 'no'.

Or perhaps 'non'.

Always remember that Beckett was an Irishman writing in France . In French. In 1948.

I'd rate it somewhere in my all time top ten literary works ( that is including writing by Shakespeare, Milton and Cervantes ).

no waiting for godot was written in french so godot which is the only word not translated in the play means boot

To say that Godot represents God puts a definitive answer to who Godot is, and therefore makes your statement incorrect.

To say that Godot does *not* represent God keeps the concept of Godot a question. Godot is a million things, yet nothing. There is an obvious hint toward religious themes in the play (though Beckett said otherwise, but he was famous for lying about his work), while at the same time, making Godot God would force the entire play to be about religion, which it obviously is not.

The only thing we can say Godot is, for sure, is the source of the answer. What the question is, we are still unsure. (well hello hitch hikers guide…)

Literature is the mirror of society,so we should ajways be remained with it.

plz guide me about"who is godot"