what are the ways in which mosca and volpone dupe other characters?

from volpone

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Mosca "his Parasite," i.e. Volpone's servant. Mosca is bothersome, obsequious, and conniving. Though he is lower than Volpone in birth, Mosca is effectively the master of the scam. Volpone is the star, but Mosca is the manipulator, the one who plays the legacy hunters against each other. Like Volpone's, Mosca's greed is all-consuming, and even more than his master, Mosca operates on pure strategy, never displaying the least remorse for his deceit and chicanery. Voltore brings an antique plate and is told he will be Volpone's sole heir. Corbaccio and Corvino enter in succession, bringing a bag of gold coins and a pearl, respectively, and are also told that they will be heir to Volpone's fortune. Mosca is responsible for their deception, including Corbaccio's false belief that disinheriting his son Bonario will eventually pay dividends. Lady Would-be also comes to the door but is told to return later. Mosca describes the beauty of Corvino's wife Celia to Volpone, who decides he must see her for himself. They agree to go to her house in disguise.