what are the dramatic techniques use in the play VOLPONE ?

the dramatic techniques used in Volpone

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Act Two, Scenes Two and Three

Volpone's sales pitch is an example of dramatic irony. Only we the audience know that the mountebank is not Scoto of Mantua but rather Volpone. Thus, when Volpone says that despises money, we know that he is contradicting his speech from 1.1. What's more, when Volpone states that good health is priceless, he foreshadows his own punishment in 5.12 - the deprivation of good health - as ordered by the Avocatori.

The handkerchief which Celia gives to Volpone is a classic Elizabethan symbol of affection and intimacy. Considering that in Jonson's era, the exchange of a handkerchief was seen as a flirtatious act, Corvino's furious reaction is historically understandable, though the extent of his jealousy will certainly disgust a modern reader. In Shakespeare's Othello, Othello reacts similarly when he suspects that Desdemona has given her handkerchief away to another man.



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