volpone is a rouge comedy . discuss !!!!

plz if u can help me about my Q. on volpone play ...

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At the time Volpone was written it's author, Ben Johnson, was going through a period of reconciling his past with his beliefs. Raised in a conservative, religious environment, Johnson had been educated in a classical fashion at Westminster. But he digressed from the teachings of his youth, and he went on to lead the life of what some would consider a "rogue." Thus, Johnson himself exemplifies the character traits he gives to Volpone.

When he wrote Volpone, Johnson had just reunited with his wife. He was feeling conflicted about the man he was raised to be, and the man he had become. His past had been somewhat violent, he lived a "city" life, and although he prefered the innocence of the countryside to the nastiness of the city....... he was what some would consider a pretty rough character.

Volpone is a "rogue." He symbolizes Johnson's own reckless nature, the part of him he acted out and which almost destroyed his marriage, profession, and the respect of his peers.

The "rouge" comedy Johnson creates is somewhat autobiographical and slightly self-analytic, but it is also very witty. Johnson proves himself well able to portray the humor in Volpone, and you can tell that he enjoys the depiction. He must have been a hoot, although eventually a repentive hoot!