volpone is a grim satire on man's acquisitive instincts -discuss

in simple english

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Satire can be found in the fact that Volpone 'religion' as you have it is to acquire endless amounts of money. As seen in the beginning of the play, religious beliefs support that gold, money and greed are at the root of all evil. Volpone on the other hand, sees gold as the root of everything good.

Most every religion has its place of worship. Volpone is introduced to the play declaring, “Open the shrine, that I may see my saint”. Gold is Volpone's god, and his shrine, where he plans his future evil doings is named the "blessed room."

The grimmest part of this satire is the knowledge that much of the evil Volpone initiates comes to fruition. People are will to sacrifice everything; their families, their daughters, and their own wealth just to get a piece of Volpone's. He laughs at them, naming them vultures, ravens and other birds of prey. In the end these people are punished in a way that reflects their vices, ruining whatever character they initially had and claiming their dignity.