what would be the best topic to write an essay on utopia?

the topics i have are what do Utopians value?, how do Utopians achieve happiness?, how do Utopians solve the problem of greed?(pride), and how does Utopian society function without money? i have to write a have paragraph essay on one of these question.

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Hey, so after your intro paragraph I'd pick three major topics to write on. One might be the abolition of private property that they value. By eliminating private property, class-based social stratification, and wealth, the Utopians remove the mechanisms with which much harm is done. Then I might chose uniformity that they value. In Utopia, perfection is expressed in uniformity. This is not the New World aesthetic in which the diversity of flora and fauna is the indicative symptom of fullness and greatness. Pick one more point and then do a conclusion. Good luck!

I like your first one. If it's only a paragraph you should take the most important points about what they value and develop the ideas . Is it just a paragraph?

sorry i meant to say a 5 paragraph essay.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

No worries!

Five paragraph essays are oh so hard don't you think Aslan? I mean, I have a few notes on what I'm going to write about. Besides, it's not like I'm going to fail my assignment. of course, I might reduce the time of my free time, like to do my homework and et cetera.