Ursula Le Guin: Short Stories

The Father by Hugh Garner

1.) what led to the father and son's drifting apart? list attitudes and events from the story?

2.) how accurate is the father in thinking the " He seemed to know less about the boy than anyone"? explain.

3.) wht does the son run away from his fatther? is he justified(right) in this action? Explain.

4.) do you fel that father and son will ever be reconciled? discuss using evidende from the story ?

5.) if the father had a second chance to relive the evening is it likely that he would do anything differently? Explain.

6.) do you think the titile is appropriate? Explain?

7.) is the father a sympathetic character? why or why not?

8.) does the father confirm to your mental image of what a father sshould be like? why or why not ?

9.) in your opinion, which is the most powerful episode in the story?

10.) how does the dialogue ( what the characters say to one another) add to the impact the story has on it reader?

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1. The father stayed busy with his own things and neglected his son,

"He knew that most of the time he was too preoccupied with other things to pay much heed to the boy's activities, but he had dismissed his misgivings with the thought, "He's only a twelve-year-old who wants to be left alone."

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