Uncle Tom's Cabin

why slavery existed?

during the american civil war

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I suppose in a general context white Americans had guns and shipped black people from various locations and forced them to work in servitude. Slavery has been around in some form for pretty much all of human history. The American civil war was a turning point for slavery in America. The South wanted to hold on to this tradition and the north, among other reasons, fought to outlaw slavery.

Slavery in and if it's self was not the reason for the transatlantic slave trade.

It must be noted and firmly understood; That the sub-Saharan African was brought to the west Atlantic shores for one central purpose.

That purpose is EXPLOTATION!

Slavery Is just the initial type of exploitation.

Just shy of five hundred years for most parts

of all the (Americas); This aspect of physical bondage

needed. In the United States it (physical bondage) was

view by the inteligencia as counter productive.

To this day that exploitation sill persist.