Uncle Tom's Cabin

Why is this done and how is it achieved?

According to Stowe, slaves are trained to be callous and unthinking.

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Stowe argues that the slaves should not be treated like mere pieces of furniture because "a man can feel." The scene in which Legree bellows the rules of his plantation is also important, as it shows he is a manical dictator who thrives upon brutality. His "great heavy fist" crashing down upon Tom's hands is a metaphor for his nature. The fact that he sees his slaves as merely objects to be broken is evident in Stowe's choice of the word "crack" in Legree's theat: "I never see the nigger, yet, I couldn't bring down with one crack."Slaves must not be educated or given the freedom to consider a point of view. Keeping a slave in ignorance makes them easier to control.