Uncle Tom's Cabin

Why does Senator Bird himself take the slaves to Van Trompe's?

Chapter 9 of Uncle Tom's Cabin

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The scene now shifts to the home of the Ohio Senator Bird. The senator has just arrived home, and his wife Mary asks him the news from the senate. He tells her that a new law has been passed prohibiting people to aid runaway slaves from Kentucky. Even though her husband voted for the law, his wife will break it because it is unchristian. Her loyalty is first to the Bible, and then to the state.

Eliza and Harry then appear in the doorway, and Eliza immediately faints. The two are placed in a warm bed by the fire, and when she awakens Eliza tells the Birds about her escape. Astounded by her courage, Senator Bird compromises his belief in the law and hides Eliza and Harry at the home of Mr. Van Trompe. The Birds give Eliza and Harry some clothes, and ten dollars. Van Trompe is ready to defend Eliza and her child with the help of his seven burly sons.