Uncle Tom's Cabin

Who is the most courageous character in the novel?

(Explain your answer)

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ASide from the Quakers, who seemed the only group willing to stand up for the slaves, I might consider George Harris. George refuses to give up. He fights for his freedom and that of all slaves despite great suffering and personal risk.He even confront the evil slave trader Tom Loker and even threatens to soot him should his family be in danger.

To me, its Eliza. The brave and courageous mother refused to let some slave trader take away her only child. Eliza did what any mother would do; escape the horror of watching the evil slaver trader, Mr. Haley take young Harry away. A mother during her time had no other alternative. Eliza may have almost gotten herself and Harry caught, but still she ran and ran till she came across the Quakers and with help from her very own slave master, Mrs. Shelby.


Uncle Tom's Cabin; Or Life Among The Lowly, (1991) Chapter's 7 & 8