Uncle Tom's Cabin

what final message does tom want george to deliver to aunt chloe?

chapter 41

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From the text:

Tom grasped his hand, and continued, -- "Ye mustn't, now, tell Chloe, poor soul! how ye found me; -- 't would be so drefful to her. Only tell her ye found me going into glory; and that I couldn't stay for no one. And tell her the Lord's stood by me everywhere and al'ays, and made everything light and easy. And oh, the poor chil'en, and the baby; -- my old heart's been most broke for 'em, time and agin! Tell 'em all to follow me -- follow me! Give my love to Mas'r, and dear good Missis, and everybody in the place! Ye don't know! 'Pears like I loves 'em all! I loves every creature everywhar! -- it's nothing but love! O, Mas'r George! what a thing 't is to be a Christian!"


Uncle Tom's Cabin