Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin chapters 13-16, help?

Describe how Miss Ophelia contrasts to the Southern way of life, citing many examples on both sides.

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Miss Ophelia is from the north. When she first arrives, it goes against her grain to plant cotton or use slaves. So, in contrast to the "Southern way of Life," she plants soybeans and hires workers (Miss Star, Mr. Buck). Later, she creates a free enterprise stand to sell drinks and hires Tom as her spokesperson (she also frees him from slavery).

As you can see, everything she does contrasts with the southern "sit on the porch and let the slaves work" attitude that dominated the South.


Uncle Tom's Cabin

Miss Ophelia is from the north and decides to restore order to the chaotic plantation with her "missionary zeal."



Would you or someone please contrasts "Miss Ophelia" to "the Southern way of life" Thanks

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