Uncle Tom's Cabin

uncle tom's cabin chapter 7 - HELPP - aslan or jill SOMEBODY????

  1. Another common figure of speech is the metaphor. A metaphor makes a comparison between two things without using connecting words such as “like.” One thing is simply stated to be another (for example, His faithfulness is a shield and bulwark, Psalm 91:4). When Eliza reaches the village we read, “Her first glance was at the river, which lay like Jordan, between her and the Canaan of liberty on the other side.” Within this one sentence, Stowe uses allusions, a simile, and a metaphor. Identify and explain each of the devices. Use a Bible concordance to identify the allusions.

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I do not have the space to adequetly fill you in on every aspect of your question, but here are the basics:

Simile "which lay like Jordan"

Allusion "Canaan of liberty"

I don't see the metaphor here