Uncle Tom's Cabin

Reparations for slavery?

What is your opinion on reparations for slavery? Is it realistic? Is it moral? State if you are for it or against it, and Why?

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I'm certainly not an expert but below you will find short paragraphs for and against. It is perfect for what you are looking for!



I am against it. I think that the bills put in place, and the organizations that have been formed throughout the years, as well as reparations that were realized after the end of the civil war are sufficient. Particulary being that today, American minorities have an abundance of programs and entitlements particularly in the form of educational benefits, medical benefits, and aid in housing; along with special mortgage programs, ect., ect.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think that reparations are something due every generation for all time. This is a free country, and we all have the ability to be educated and active people in the workforce.

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