Uncle Tom's Cabin

Much of the dialogue in the book is given over to a debate on the morality of slavery. Most of the slave owners feel that they are "above" the slave traders. Is this true? Why do you think that so many members of the clergy defended slavery?

Use examples from the text

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Some clergy benefited from slavery and the supporting of it. They picked their Biblical versed and manipulated the ideas to suite their own interests. The corruption of the church was not a new idea, even at that time. The clergy stood to profit for maintaining the status-quo in the south so scripture was often manipulated or taken out of context,

It's undoubtedly the intention of Providence that the African race should be servants, – kept in a low condition," said a grave-looking gentleman in black, a clergyman, seated by the cabin door. "'Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be,' the scripture says." (Chapter 12)