Uncle Tom's Cabin

How does Simeon put George’s mind at ease?

Helping a slave is something that is seen as the wrong thing to do. George is worried that the Hallidays are putting themselves at risk by helping him and his family. How does Simeon put George’s mind at ease?
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From the text:

Fear not, then, friend George; it is not for thee, but for God and man, we do it," said Simeon. "And now thou must lie by quietly this day, and tonight, at ten o'clock, Phineas Fletcher will carry thee onward to the next stand,—thee and the rest of thy company. The pursuers are hard after thee; we must not delay."

"If that is the case, why wait till evening?" said George.

"Thou art safe here by daylight, for every one in the settlement is a Friend, and all are watching. It has been found safer to travel by night."