Uncle Tom's Cabin

how do uncle tom's "masters" differ? and in what ways are they the same?

the book...

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They are all owners of Uncle Tom. Some are harsh and horrid and some are more fair but, in the end, they are alike in that they claim ownership on Tom.

Tom's masters are all kind, up until he is sent to Legree. Tomn had believed he was to be freed, but St. Clare died before keeping that promise of freedom, and Tom is sold to a truly horrible master.

Legree takes his belongings, forbids his slaves religion (Bibles and hymnbooks are taken away), he is beaten for doing right and he is beaten for displaying opposition..... almost to the point of death. Tom refuses to do anything that goes against his moral beliefs, and he almost dies for it...... Tom truly beomes a martyr.


Uncle Tom's Cabin