Uncle Tom's Cabin

find a passage in this chapter where stowe appeals to mothers everywhere to sympathize with the slave women who are separated from their children

chapter 45

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From the text:

"And you, mothers of America, -- you who have learned, by the cradles of your own children, to love and feel for all mankind, -- by the sacred love you bear your child; by your joy in his beautiful, spotless infancy; by the motherly pity

and tenderness with which you guide his growing years; by the anxieties of his

education; by the prayers you breathe for his soul's eternal good; -- I beseech you, pity the mother who has all your affections, and not one legal right to protect, guide, or educate, the child of her bosom! By the sick hour of your child; by those dying eyes, which you can never forget; by those last cries, that wrung your heart when you could neither help nor save; by the desolation of that empty cradle, that silent nursery, -- I beseech you, pity those mothers that are constantly made childless by the American slave-trade! And say, mothers of America, is this a thing to be defended, sympathized with, passed over in silence?"


Uncle Tom's Cabin/ Chapter 45