Uncle Tom's Cabin

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I am considering writing a dissertation on this book, any idea's what I should focus on? Suggestions for a title would also be great, Oh and famous quotes????

Is this book studied in american schools?

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Hi - Yes, this book is definitely studied in American schools, but usually in gradeschool (7th or 8th grade).

Thanks, do you have any idea what angle is used when teaching this book to pupils, and the general response to it?

Usually it is taught in an historical context (at least when I studied it in school!). So you might want to introduce some other primary documents from the 1850s, and discuss the abolitionist movement in general during that time period.

On a literary level, you can focus on how Stowe presents the characters, many of whom are "stock" figures. You can also look at how realistic these characters are compared to the people they are supposed to represent, and how Stowe goes about using language, setting and tone to evoke an emotional response from her readers.

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