Uncle Tom's Cabin

briefly outline cassy's escape plan.

chapter 39

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One night, Cassy comes to Tom with a plan of escape. She has drugged Legree, and she wants Tom to join she and Emmeline. Tom feels he cannot go, but rather must stay with the rest of the slaves and "bear any crossŠtill the end." He urges Cassy to go, nevertheless, and prays for her: "The Lord help ye!"

Cassy has convinced Legree that the garret is haunted, and when the slaves are outdoors looking for them she and Emmeline slip into the very place where the superstitious Legree dares not tread. Any noise the runaways make will now be attributed to the ghost. Cassy has been hiding food in the garret, and on their way through the house she snatches a roll of bills "that will pay our way to the free states." When Legree returns, he falls exhausted from his search into bed and vows revenge.