What are your thoughts on Twilight?

Reviews, thoughts, etc... Please post what's on your mind!

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ok... this is stream of consciousness but...

Light yet rich; Twilight is an everygirl's novel. So many great dichotomies -- light vs. dark, evil vs. good, physical vs. emotional, lust vs. love, infinite life vs. fleeting existence (mortality)... interesting tensions. Is Edward really in love with Bella or is he just hungry? A lot like Chuck where an ordinary person is called upon to do extraordinary things: the secret "double life". Touches on a lot of "normal" high school experiences and imparts supernatural reasons behind them.... ever wonder why the boy sitting next to you is such a jerk. Well maybe he's a vampire thirsting for your blood... wouldn't that be nice? Enjoyed the langorous cadence of their falling in love... The action felt a but harried; maybe that was a device to create the tone.

Some universal experiences I enjoyed relating to: the experience of being transplanted into a new school and suddently being treated differently/better. The experience of not feeling a sense of belonging with one's own clique and more in touch with someone who is an outsider.

it was a pretty good book but it was kinda weird