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I've got a question for anybody who wants to answer it.

My question is: do you think that the kind of language that bella, edward and the others use in Twilight corresponds to the language American teenagers would use or do you rather think it is 35-year-old Stephenie Meyer trying to reproduce a "young" language with a positive or negative result?

The reason I'm asking you this is that I'm not American, I'm Italian, and I'm writing my final work for the university about Twilight. As I'm not a native speaker I need your opinion.

thanx to anyone who decides to help me. the more you are, the better.

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i'd like to add a coulpe of things: my question is only about the book, i'm not talking about the movie right now. and then, don't focuse only on bella and edward, but on the whole language, including jacob's, and that of all the kids at school, etc. do you think the chapter in breaking dawn that is written form jacob's point of view is more realistic and nearer to teenagers' language?

thanx again

i think the book has a very realistic attidute when it come s to the language of teenagers today they dont talk like in movies where every other word "is like" bu they dont talk like scholars also..i think in your essay you can mention that is very realistic in the way she relates to far as the part with Edward i think she is a little to "deep" i dont teens really think that deep into things i think they cover the top lyer of the matter first cuase thats what everyone sees

good luck on your essay hope i helped!