can a boy realy fall in love selflessly,nt coz 2 get physically close to a gal due to sexual urge,i mean boyfriends?

plz tell vid ur personal experiences....

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Sometimes a boy can fall more selflessly in love than a girl does. Don't underestimate young mens' depths of emotions because they're so often cast as only interested in physical closeness. Both young and women experience sexual urges; it's all a part of hormones and growing up; not all of them act on those urges. The trick is to keep your personal values and morals at the forefront, use good sense, and to remove yourself from tempting situations. Not everyone falls in love, and teenagers often confuse lust with love. It isn't the same thing....... far from it. One of the saddest things in the past few generations is that young men and women act before they know the difference, and once they figure it all out they're sorry. Both sexes need to retain the innocence they only get to lose "once," if your boyfriend doesn't have respect for you, physical closeness is certainly not going to get you that respect.