1.How do Meyer’s vampires deviate from generic vampires?

How do Meyer’s vampires deviate from generic vampires,and you can give me a brief answer ,,please:)

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Meyer's vampires have no fangs, and although they require some blood to live; it doesn't have to be human blood. Twilight vampires feed on animals. Another difference, Twilight vampires can go out into the sunlight........... in fact, they glitter in the sunlight. The only way one of Meyer's vampires can die is to be completely destroyed (unrecognizable)........... makes for a little less gore I suppose. Me, I'll take Dracula every time!

Meyer's vampires are much inferior in both genetic composition and social hierarchy to the higher vampire species, known as "Whedonian (from the Latin "Whedonus", or "pertaining to Joss Whedon") Vampires" these vampires lack both souls and the trademark sparkling that Meyer's vampires possess. Separate from both the Vampires from Underworld and whatever the hell those things from I Am Legend were, Whedonian Vampires are characterized by the ability to morph from human form to a slightly less human form that most people would consider to be, for lack of a better phrase, "ass-ugly". When not in their demon form, though, they are generally quite sexy, and similar to Meyer's vamps, has spurred a deluge of unbearably awful fanfiction.

Meyers: No fangs, sparkle in sun, don't die in sun, etc

Other authors: Die in sun, feed on humans, fangs, can't eat human foods, etc


Reading different vampire books!