Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night question

Identify the main source of conflict, as well as two other instances of conflict in the story.

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- Viola is in love with Orsino but he is in love with Olivia

-Olivia is infatuated with Viola’s male disguise, Cesario.

who is in love with Viola’s male disguise, Cesario.

Yes, it's a love triangle!


At first it was just Orsino's love to Olivia.Then we see Viola who had been washed off to the Island of Illyia after the huge tempest and who had been separated from her twin brother Sebastian.She disguises or cross dresses herself as Cesario because she was scared to work or find a job for herself in an unknown land.She does aks the sea capitan who had saved her life to help herthat is when he tells her that there was a Duke named Orsino and their was a Conntess named Olivia,so Viola decides to work for Olivia but unfortuntely Olivia was not hiring any servants so which is why she goes to work at Orsino's place.She did her work so well that Orsion had told her everything about his ove to Olivia.But later on we see that Viola is in love with Orsino.When Orsino sends Viola(Cesario) to vow Olivia on his behalf we see that Olivia falls in love with Viola(Cesario). Now Viola being a female cannot return Olivia's love whike is is in disguise she cannot ask Orsino's love.At this stage it was just a love triangle.But its a twist when we see that Viola's twin brother is alive.Everyone at Olivia's place misunderstand him as Viola(Cesario) and Olivia asks him to marry her oops what will happen to Orsino's love for Olivia....?


Correction: Taylor, i know this book so don't be offended. Everyone at Olivia's place understands him as Viola.