Twelfth Night

Sir Toby humor

in what way does sir toby add humor in twelfth night or some humorous lines thst he has

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Even his name is funny. He is a typical Shakespearean "low" character who, even though he has a title, acts more like a "tinker in an alehouse" than a nobleman. The play tries to be melancholy about love; Sir Toby makes fun of his niece and does not worry about his title as he tries to woo his love near the end of the play. He is energetic and wants to "eat, drink and be merry" throughout the play. He is fun but not a snob; his title means nothing to him.

Sir Toby

Surname Belch, not very complimentary‹but sadly, accurate. He is Olivia's ill-behaved uncle, and spends most of his time drinking, fooling, and carousing with Sir Andrew. He takes part in the pranks against Malvolio, and arranges the duel between Sir Andrew and Viola as well. He is hot-tempered, and usually unruly, but not a bad fellow either.