Twelfth Night

Questions under...

1. What does sir andrew propose to embarass Malvolio?

2. Why?

3. Who has a better plan?

4. What is it?

5. Why is this person sure the plan will work?

please answer questions seperately even though they are all related (refer to act 2)

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Maria appears, with the love-letter she has written for the purposes of baiting/ embarrassing Malvolio. Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and their friend Fabian are present; they hide behind a tree as Malvolio approaches, and Maria places the letter somewhere where he is certain to find it. Malvolio approaches, already muttering nonsense about thinking that Olivia fancies him, and about how things would be if they were married; this angers Sir Toby and Sir Andrew, who want to beat Malvolio for his pretension. Malvolio finally spots the letter, and recognizes the handwriting as Olivia's; he takes the bait completely, believing it to be proof that Olivia really does love him. Sir Toby and Sir Andrew marvel at Maria's plan, and how it has worked, and cannot wait to see Malvolio make an even bigger fool of himself.


Why are they sur the plan will work?