Twelfth Night

Olivia, I need to know more important information on her subject to help me write an essay... Stuff as familly life, education, likes, dislikes, hopes and disspointments, values, motivations, ets....

It could also be another character who has pertinent information in the play.

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Olivia, a noblewoman, is the Countess of Illyria. She lost her father, then her brother right before the beginning of the play; she resolves to be in mourning for her brother for seven years, thus thwarting Orsino's attempts to woo her. She becomes enamoured of Viola, who acts as a messenger for Orsino; and though Olivia tries her best to win Viola, Viola does her best to let her down easily, because Viola is not a boy like she pretends to be. Olivia rushes off and marries Sebastian, thinking that he is Viola as Cesario; but everything works out in the end.