Twelfth Night


Why does Olivia say "Heaven restore thee!" to Malvolio when she encounters him quoting Maria's letter and dressed in yellow stockings, cross-gartered?

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Maria warns Olivia of Malvolio's very strange behavior; yet, Olivia still wishes that Malvolio be brought before her. Malvolio is wearing yellow, cross-gartered stockings, which Olivia abhors; he is careful to point out what he thinks is his fashionable taste. Malvolio continues his absurdity, making remarks of unwarranted familiarity, and completely baffling Olivia with his misguided attempts to be amorous toward her. Olivia dismisses Malvolio's odd behavior as being some kind of passing madness. She says "Heaven restore thee" to ask God to restore Malvolio to his senses.

What conclusion does Olivia draw from Malvolio's strange behavior in yellow stocking and croos garters?