Twelfth Night

Act 2 questions for study guide

Who stands for Orsino? (act 2 scene 4 line 12)

According to Orsino, should the man or woman be older?

What does Orsino insist is not the cause of his attraction to Olivia, and what is? (act 2 scene 4 lines 90-95)

What advice does Viola/Cesario give to Orsino about Olivia? (Act 2 scene 4 lines 96 and 98)

What seemingly hypothetical scenario does Viola/ Cesario present to Orsino? (lines 99-102)

How does Orsino respond? (103-113)

Does Viola almost give herself away? (119-120)

What is Viola feeling as she/he tells the sister's story?

IS she trying to make Orsino see who she really is? IF she keeps going, will he even figure it out?

IS that why she asks the question in line 134 to get his mind onto something else?

Does Orsino change his attitude after Viola's story?

Act 2 Scene 5:

What is Malvolio doing before he finds the letter?

What does he tell us about him?

How does Malvolio interpret the letter?

How will Olivia respond?

Does he deserve to have this trick played on him?

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Feste, the jester, is supposed to be singing.

Orsino believes that the man or woman should be older.

Please ask your questions separately.


Twelfth Night