Twelfth Night

act 1

complications that arise in twelfth night because of violas disguse

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Orsino asks Viola to go to Olivia and make Orsino's case (declare his love) to the lady; he believes that Viola/ Cesario, being younger and more eloquent than his other messengers, will succeed. Viola says she will obey, although she confesses in an aside that she already feels love for Orsino, and would rather be his wife than try to woo Olivia for him.

When Viola/ Cesario arrives at Olivia's house, she is admitted after much waiting, and being examined by both Sir Toby andMalvolio. Viola is brought in to meet Olivia, who finds out Viola is a messenger on Orsino's behalf, and Olivia discourages Viola from wooing her for the Count. Viola tries to make Orsino's suit, though Olivia counters this with elusive and witty remarks; Olivia begins to show interest in Viola as Cesario in this scene, and still insists that she cannot love Orsino.