The Turn of the Screw

Mrs. Grose's role

What is the role of mrs. Grose in the story?

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Mrs. Grose

Mrs. Grose is the housekeeper at Bly. She was originally the maid of the gentleman in Harley Street's mother, and she has been responsible for little Flora since the death of Miss Jessel, the previous governess. She seems to be middle aged but her age is never stated. She is illiterate, and as a servant, she is afraid of angering her employer by bothering him. She acts as a confidant to the narrator and seems to accept and believe her conclusions about the ghosts at Bly. Mrs. Grose is the only source of information we have about Peter Quint and Miss Jessel. Unlike the narrator, she wants to involve their employer early, but is unable to stand up to her superior.