The Turn of the Screw

According to the governess, in what playful way do the children conspire against her?

im stuck on this question on a proloug work sheet my techer gave me and I have read through chapter 8 over and over.

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For a month, the governess lives in the awkward state of suspecting her pupils and saying nothing. In all this, the governess's perceptions are sharper than ever. She is sure that it is not her imagination but that Flora and Miles are aware of her knowledge. Conversations take sharp turns whenever they approach the subject of the dead or life after death. The children seem to know that she wants to bring up the subject of Quint and Miss Jessel but cannot bring herself to do so. Instead, all talk centers around the governess's family, neighbors, and even pets, but none touches upon the children's past. The children's constant questions about her life make her feel most suspicious of their intentions.