Tuesdays With Morrie

Tuesdays With Morrie. “The Sixth Tuesday”

How has Morrie’s condition worsened?

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Charlotte (Morrie's wife) warns Mitch that Morrie is having a hard time, but that he would be happy to see him. Upon seeing Mitch's weekly offering of food, she smiles, but mentions he really cannot eat anymore, and that he is on a mostly liquid diet. Mitch says he wants to help, to bring something. Charlotte tells him he is bringing something; he is bringing a sense of purpose to Morrie. Neither Morrie nor Charlotte is getting much sleep as Morrie's nights become labored. Morrie also struggles through massive coughing fits and notes that he doesn't wish to die like this. He'd like to die peacefully..... not violently coughing to clear his lungs.