Tuesdays With Morrie

Tuesdays with morrie

Why does Morrie know that Mitch would find a way back to his brother?

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Mitch had been trying to contact his brother, but to no avail. Morrie tells Mitch he needs to be at peace with his brother's decision. Mitch struggles with why his brother does not want to see him. He says that he cannot dwell on it, and that he must focus on the positive times and give people what they want. His brother will find his way back to Mitch, just as Mitch found his way back to Morrie. Maybe here is where Mitch realizes the pain he caused Morrie by waiting sixteen years to reconnect. Now he is feeling this pain with his brother. However, Morrie welcomed him immediately, not questioning where he had been. This is the lesson he was passing on to Mitch.