Tuesdays With Morrie

Think about what happened when Morrie and Mitch met for the last time (in the chapter “The Fourteenth Tuesday”). In what ways is Mitch different than when the book began?...

The fourteenth tuesday chapter 14

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Albom reflects on the person he was before being reunited with his old professor. He wants to go back to that person and tell him what to avoid and to look for what is important in life. He knows it cannot be done, but he knows it is not too late to change the rest of his life's course. He continued to try to reach his brother and was eventually successful. They had a long talk and Mitch told him he respected his distance, but wanted to be in his life as much as his brother wanted. For the first time, he told his brother he loved him. A few days later, he received a fax from his brother, with a few stories and jokes. The connection was made. Morrie was probably to thank for this.

fter Morrie's death, Mitch finally decides to get in touch with his brother. He likely would not have done so without Morrie's lessons about love and family. Even in death, Morrie played a big part in the reincarnation of a relationship. This is ironic because Morrie never met Mitch's brother or knew the details of why they were apart, but he played the biggest part in getting them back in communication. Even in death, Morrie continued to change the life of Mitch and likely that of many others that read the book and learned the professor's final lessons.