Tuesdays With Morrie

Think about what happened when Morrie and Mitch met for the last time?

Tuesday with morrie.

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The Fourteenth Tuesday We Say Goodbye

The fourteenth Tuesday, Mitch had a feeling that it would be the last before he arrived. Charlotte had called to say that Morrie was not doing well. He cancelled all of his appointments, except his meeting with Mitch. He arrived at the house and gave Charlotte a hug. When Morrie was ready, the student entered the professor's classroom for the final time. This time, Morrie was in a bed. The two held hands. He told Mitch that their relationship had touched his heart. Mitch called Morrie Coach, his old nickname for him, and said he didn't know how to say goodbye. They held hands and told each other they loved each other. Finally, Mitch said he would be back next Tuesday and Morrie snorted in a laughing tone, like he knew there wouldn't be another Tuesday. He kissed his cheek and walked out of the room.