Tuesdays With Morrie

The Audiovisual


Up until this piont in Morrie's life, he has not seen Mitch since Mitch graduated, how do they see each other again?

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Mitch comes across his old professor by a chance viewing of "Nightline" with Ted Koppel on ABC. Morrie had been writing his philosophies on life and sharing with friends. This story reached the Boston Globe, and a "Nightline" producer saw it in the paper, prompting a visit from Koppel and crew. Before doing the interview, Morrie had to "check Koppel out" and get to know him off camera. He was not star struck by the newscaster. He wanted to know his viewpoints on family, faith and his heart. He told Koppel he thought he was a narcissist. Nevertheless, he did the interview. During the interview, Morrie tells Koppel his biggest fear is not dying, but getting to the point where someone is going to have to wipe his behind.

After seeing Morrie on television, Mitch realizes he is running out of time to keep up on his promise of staying in touch with the professor. He flies to Massachusetts and rents a car for the drive to Morrie's house.


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