Tuesdays With Morrie

How does morrie respond when ted asks if he is afraid of death now that it is near?

The audiovisual part 3

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Ted Koppel and the ABC crew come back for their third and final visit. Mitch notices the simile that this is more like a goodbye than an interview. Morrie and Koppel now refer to each other as friends. Koppel asks Morrie if he is afraid now that death is near. He says no, and that he is less afraid. He knows things are getting bad, and he does not want to live this way. As Albom says, “He told Koppel he knew when it would be time to say goodbye.” As the interview wraps, Koppel asks for a final lesson. Morrie says that people need to be compassionate and take responsibility for each other. Koppel is near tears as the interview wraps, telling Morrie, “You done good.” Morrie said he hopes so, and in his first reference to God, says that he is bargaining with Him to get to be one of the angels .