Tuesdays With Morrie

How did Albom learn how to live over the courses of his visits with Morrie on Tuesdays

2. Throughout their Tuesday talks, Morrie Schwartz tells Mitch Albom that in dying we learn to live, which is the lesson Albom tells us he learned. Discuss some specific ways that Mitch Albom “learns how to live” over the course of his visits with Morrie

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Throughout his illness, Morrie displays a very positive mental attitude. He does not feel sorry for himself because his body is slowly deteriorating. He looks at the positives in his life and the things he is still able to do. His positive attitude inspires Mitch and others in the story. As he reflects back on his life, Morrie realizes he purpose was to educate and he does it until the day he dies. This pushes Mitch to realize he is fulfilling his purpose in life (journalism) and the purpose of re-connecting with his brother.