Tuesdays With Morrie

3. Why does Morrie want to continue meeting with Mitch?

The tenth Tuesday

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By the tenth week, on her insistence, Mitch brings his wife, Janine, to meet the professor. She had gotten to speak to him on the phone briefly, and wanted to meet the man who had captured her husband's heart. I think Janine certainly lifted Morrie's spirits. Mitch calls him an incorrigible "flirt". Morrie feels good when Janine, a professional singer, performs for him.

Mitch brings his wife to visit Morrie on the tenth Tuesday. She brings something new to the table and sings for him. They talk about marriage, both Morrie's and Mitches. Morrie wants Mitch to continue his visits because the two have bridged the gap from student/professor to a relationship based on friendship.


Tuesdays With Morrie

Morrie wants to meet with Mitch because he wants what is left of his life to still have a purpose. By meeting with Mitch he can continue his life’s ambition to teach. In this case he can teach the lessons he has learned in life.