Tucker: The Man and His Dream

I have 2 questions please help me I'm suck

1 question.) following the headlines in the newspaper, Tucker's daughter asks if people will really believe the print. Tucker's response is, "if enough headlines read I'm a crook, then people will believe it. It's true if they say it is." what does this say about advertising during this era?

Question 2.) during his closing statement, tucker states: " that if we aren't careful, we will end up buying our radios in our cars from our former enemies." did this come true? How does this relate to the attitude during the production era? Who are our enemies from this statement? What did Americans ultimately overlook in general?

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He certainly had a point. The power of the Newspaper during this era was complete. Information was primarily disseminated through the papers. Advertising or propaganda was often hidden beneath news headings and articles. Having no mass public debate, these stories were often taken as fact. Your second question is pretty detailed for this space. It is very much in the context of historical record. You might want to look this up separately.