Trifles questions ??

What attitudes toward women do the sheriff and the county attorney express? How do Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters react to these sentiments?

What does Glaspell show us about the position of women in this early twentieth-century community ?

What do we learn about the married life of the Wrights? By what means is this knowledge revealed to us?

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is this for sikkink lit heritage

They were belittling towards these women. They never once backed down, they had a remark for ever gesture the cop and attorney made.

Women were still seen as inferior to man. Their thoughts were still seen as cute and not taken seriously. The women have no first names they only go by their last name. Women seemed as though they were use to this treatment and almost like 2nd nature they defended themselves while not letting it slow them down or lose their train of thought.

Through the short stories Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters tell, we learn that the Wrights marriage was not a happy one. Mrs. Wright used to sing but Mr. Wright didn't like that. She used to have a pet bird and he didn't like it either.