Give an account of the conversation between Mrs Hale and Mrs peter while they were going through Mrs Wright thing?

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They speculate about whether Mrs. Wright had killed her husband, with Mrs. Hale saying that only an innocent woman would ask for an apron and a shawl while worrying about fruit. Mrs. Peters says that her husband Henry Peters says it looks bad and that Henderson will hone in on her suspicious inability to wake up during the murder. Mrs. Hale expresses regret for not visiting Mrs. Wright. Mr. Wright had been considered a good man, but he was also a hard man, and Mrs. Hale pities Mrs. Wright for having to live with him. Mrs. Peters never knew the young Mrs. Wright, but Minnie had resembled a bird in that she was pretty and sweet but also timid. They decide to take the quilt to occupy Mrs. Wright's time, but when they look through her sewing basket, they discover the dead bird in a fancy box whose head has been wrung in a similar manner to that of John Wright. They hide the box before the sheriff and Henderson arrive.