Help with trifles please

What is the women’s role in the crime scene? In what ways do the women manipulate the crime scene? What kind of clues do they find?

How do the men secure the crime scene? Throughout the play, what kind of clues do they seek? Do they suspect Mr. Wright’s guilt” How?

What is the men’s attitude toward the women’s activities in and around the crime scene?

When do the women articulate aloud their suspicions?

What are some of the ironic statements made throughout the play?

Why does Mrs. Hale feel so guilty about not visiting Mrs. Wright more often? Why does Mrs. Hale feel such tremendous guilt about Mrs. Wright’s current plight?

What does the county attorney mean when he says, “But you know juries when it comes to women. If there was some definite thing. Something to show–something to make a story about–a thing that would connect up with this strange way of doing it–”?

What items do the women gather to take to the jail for Mrs. Wright, and how are these items significant?

What does Mrs. Hale do with the sewing basket containing the dead bird?

Is this a feminist play? Why or why not?

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Mrs. Hale puts the box in the pocket of her big coat, where she keeps it hidden.

Please ask your questions separately.